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            Henan Bohong New Material Co., Ltd. (BOHONG for short) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of PCD materials.


            BOHONG has a complete production line of PCD materials, BOHONG mainly produces PCD Blanks for cutting, semi-finished PCD dies for wire drawing, PDC cutters for oil and mining, which are widely used in automobile, aerospace, electronics, oil exploitation, geological drilling, cable, national defense, energy and other high-tech fields, and greatly improving the processing capacity, processing accuracy and processing efficiency in the industrial field. Meanwhile the largest 60mm PCD cutting tool blanks and the largest 40*25mm PCD die blanks in China are put into steady production in BOHONG. The existing products in BOHONG have been sold to Europe, the United States, South Korea, India, Russia and other more countries, which have been generally recognized by customers.


            BOHONG has set up an independent quality control department and a complete ISO9001 quality control system. We have successively invested high-end testing equipment such as Malvern laser particle analyzer, ICP purity detector, ultrasonic scanner, scanning electron microscope, etc., the strict and perfect quality control system, efficient advanced testing equipment ensure the consistency of product performance.


            BOHONG company adheres to the combination of university and enterprise, taking the road of combination of production, learning and research, we will constantly explore advanced technology, improve and upgrade existing technology, regarding market application as the guidance, and committing to providing more high-quality products and service for our customers.

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